How to protect your Made in Italy brand in China and USA

Would you like to keep your products safe? How can you distinguish fake and authentic products?

If you are one of those kinds of people who prefer to buy authentic and high quality products by securing it through Blockchain-based technology, DOLPHINO successfully elevates your buying experience. The significant question is how we can stop this phenomenon? 

Here we would like to provide you with some useful information about a Blockchain-based software called DOLPHINO which is designed by AIO Blockchain Lab in Italy. What does DOLPHINO do? Thanks to the Blockchain technology, this software enhances brand authenticity, up-selling, loyalty program and lead generation.

Due to the advent of globalization, countries have business and economic relations more than years ago and sometimes rely on other country’s markets and products because each country has its own specific good quality products. Italy is one of the countries that produces high quality products in different industries such as vehicles, medicine, beverages, leather goods, electronic equipment and optical products. Therefore, other nations need to collaborate with Italian companies to make advantage of these products. Countries such as China & USA have strong business cooperation with Italy. According to Statista, between January and September 2019, the export value of goods from Italy to China amounted to 9.4 billion euros and Italy exports to the United States was US $51.04 Billion during 2019, according to the United Nations COMTRADE database on international trade. Products of Italian SMEs are very often targeted by counterfeiters. These products can come from various sectors, ranging from agriculture to furniture and luxury apparel products. Available data show global trade in counterfeit products that infringed Italian trademarks amounted to as much as EUR 32 billion in 2016, equivalent to 3.6% of total Italian manufacturing sales.

DOLPHINO is used for luxury products and Made in Italy goods and it aims to be a standard for anti-counterfeiting. It has many advantages that are briefly listed below:

  1. Protecting the most valuable asset of each company that is its brand
  2. Increasing sales and having impact on customer’s idea
  3. Plug & play system that prevents excessive work loads 
  4. Strong fidelity solution that suggests impactful buying approaches in the after-sale phase

DOLPHINO will release a Blockchain-Based Authenticity Certificate for the product which will be more secure to be presented to clients. Moreover, according to the strategy chosen, it enhances the positive attitude of the consumers and motivates them to re-purchase or share the products in their network. DOLPHINO enables the consumers to be aware of the authenticity of the products through scanning QR codes. 

All in all, through risk management we could stop counterfeit products and illegal trading. By using DOLPHINO the products have their own unique identity and therefore it improves and boosts revenue, reputation and consumers. That is why this software is stepping up against counterfeiting.

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